Low Carbohydrate Diets

The emerging trend in dieting are low carbohydrate diets such as Atkins, South Beach, and Sonoma diets.  Everybody has heard of "low carb" weight loss.  But do they really work?  If so, are they the solution to weight loss that everybody is looking for?  No.  Most low carb diets have several problems, which make losing weight very difficult for the average dieter.

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For example, the popular Atkins diet severely restricts your carbohydrate consumption during the first phase of the program.  In fact, the carb restrictions during the first couple of weeks are very severe by almost any standard.  The Atkins program allows just 20 grams of "net carbs" per day during the first phase of the diet, which usually last for two weeks.  Just to give you an idea of how few carbs that really is a large apple has more than 20 grams of net carbohydrates.

This low level of carbs is often too severe for the average dieter to tolerate for two straight weeks.  In fact, eating such a low level of carbs can make a person feel weak and miserable all day long because the body needs more carbs than that for energy.

Another low carbohydrate diet, the South Beach diet, is not quite as severe as the Atkins diet, but still severely restricts the carb consumption and is just as hard for the average person to follow.

Conversely, a successful diet needs to be easy to follow because that is the only way that an individual will stick to the diet long term and lose weight.  A successful diet plan should not make the average person feel miserable and weak all day long so that the dieter can adhere to the program to reach their "goal weight" and maintain that desired weight for years to come.

We are not saying that all low carb diets are as restrictive as the Atkins or South Beach diet, but we are saying that most low carbohydrate diets are so hard to follow that the average dieter will probably wind up feeling hungry and week all day long, which is not a food thing for dieting success.

If low carb diets are not the answer then what is?  A successful diet needs to be reasonable in the amount of all three types of calories (protein, carbs, and fat) that are consumed.  The truth is that your body needs a reasonable amount of protein, carbs, and fat calories to function properly, leave the dieter without hunger cravings, and long term maintain the desired weight.

To lose weight quickly, you must eat all three types of calories in the right proportions.  This is where most diets fail because nobody knows what the right proportions of calories should be. 

A new type of diet uses accelerated fat burning to enable a dieter to reach and maintain their "goal weight."  Since no one knows the specific calorie proportions, this new diet does not impose "portion limits" at any meal, dieters can eat as much as they need at each meal and use spices and condiments as well.

Click here to learn more about this new type of accelerated fat burning diet that will help you reach and maintain your "goal weight."

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