No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

no-nonsensemusclebuilding_305x384 Vince DelMonte's No-Nonsense Muscle Building is a book for the smaller framed man or women who want to develop a muscular toned physique.  While other muscle building books topics focus on massive bulking up, No-Nonsense is from a fitness model perspective.  This 215 page book covers all the key points about muscle building without the fluff that some use to increase the page count. Just recently, Vince has released his latest product Your Six Pack Quest as a companion product to further assist you in fat loss and building six pack abs.

Vince is a successful fitness model competitor so his knowledge is in developing the “fitness model physique” as opposed to the bulky “bodybuilder physique.”  He emphasizes aspects in his program that are ignored or barely covered in similar programs like flexibility training, endurance training and muscular balance.

Of all the muscle building programs, Vince's ranks the best in continuously expanding and improving on his package's content through his limited time offer free membership site.  He explanations are clear and directly to the point.  If you do not want to read an long book that restates the same points multiple time or listen to repetitive audio drone on for hours, then this is the book for you.

Best of all, this book caters equally to both males and females. In fact, you will find that this program provides each of his books, workouts, and diet plans in both of male and female editions.

Muscle Training Program
The No-Nonsense program is a complete training system that includes a 52 week intensive workout plan for toning your muscles, 84 day healthy meal plan, visual demonstrations of each exercise, and access to a limited time free membership area where you have your today's workout plan laid out for you complete with exercise descriptions and tips for performing those exercises to capture the maximum benefit.  The upgrade package includes a more in-depth course on fat loss, vegetarian meal recommendations, and access to Vince for personalized training.

One aspect of No-Nonsense program is high intensity training where you changing sets and reps in an effort to prevent adaptation and stimulate different muscle fibers. You can start slowly with each phase builds to the next.  Unlike the typical HIT based program where the focus sticks primarily to heavy weights at a certain rep range, the primary focus of this program is getting significant muscle to stick on the skinny guy. Vince presents the core muscle gain strategy that has been proven to create the best results both for himself and for his personal training clients. It is “The Skinny Guy’s Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain.”

Other topics the training section cover include:

  • Flexibility training where you perform stretching exercises to increase flexibility from day one
  • Minimizing muscle imbalances that develops your strength on both your strong and weak sides
  • Specialty workouts aimed at your weak spots to help you overcome your nagging areas of muscle gain

No-Nonsense allows you to adapt your training to your personal needs. It is when you learn exactly what, why and how various stimuli affect your unique body that you truly achieve the key to positive and significant physique change.  Throughout the training section there is a heavy emphasis on teaching you to learn to listen to your body and use the powers of intuition and instinct to guide your training decisions.  The weight training program starts you at the basics and then eases you right on up to some very advanced techniques.

No-Nonsense's Nine Growth Principles
Vince puts forth nine growth principles that are the basis for his workout methods. He clearly explains each principle and makes absolutely sure you understand what he means by such things as working with intensity, heavy weights, progressive overload, and proper rest and recovery.  These are principles that you must understand and correctly implement into each and every one of your workouts if you want to make the big gains.  He lays them out for you in a clear and concise fashion that is easy to understand and incorporate into your daily routine.

No-Nonsense has an entire chapter dedicated to techniques designed to accelerate recovery.  Proper rest and recovery is the basis for gaining muscle mass.  It is the failure to allow your body to recuperate that is a major reason why so many muscle gaining programs do not produce the desired results.  Vince spends quite a bit of time drumming into his trainee’s heads the importance of recovery.

Vince also devotes a chapter to maximizing your muscle building hormones. This is not a section on supplement hype.  In fact, he has a chapter on why most supplements are a waste of your money.  When you understand the role that hormones play in building muscle, you realize the importance of optimizing your hormone levels. Vince’s dieting and training recommendations are designed to maximize your muscle building hormones.

Simultaneously Achieving Muscle Gain and Desired Weight
Muscle gain and weight loss, when done correctly, can be achieved simultaneously.  The program’s primary purpose is helping people gain muscle, but there is just as much emphasis placed on cutting fat and a healthy diet to achieve an impressive lean muscle physique.

Vince presents a complete cardiovascular training section, covering the various methods and techniques that are most effective for fat loss.  If you are extremely skinny, he recommends that you skip this section for the first four weeks until you have developed some initial muscle mass.

He is not just recommending cardio training strictly for weight loss, but as part of a complete package for muscle mass gain.  When approached correctly and in measured amounts, he demonstrates how cardio can help build muscle while simultaneously reducing your weight.

As part of the program, Vince describes the power of eating the right foods at the right time to create the proper energy balance.  Improper energy balance is another primary reason why weight adjustment efforts fail.  He will walk you through the steps to create the proper energy balance to achieve your desired weight and muscle mass.

The first step to a productive muscle building diet is calculating the amount of calories you need to consume and what foods you need to eat.  The member’s area has an online calculator that does the work for you.  The calculator can be customized based on your desired goal of weight maintenance, weight loss, progressive weight gain, or advanced weight gain.  After providing your current measurements and setting your activity level, the calculator provides you with your target caloric consumption.

Vince's dieting section leverages his and his personal students past experience that makes this section uniquely valuable with his 10 No Nonsense Nutrition Rules For Insane Muscle Gain.  He understands that dieting to gain weight is often easier said than done and take real work.  He systematically walks though objections about weight gain dieting such as lack of appetite, fast metabolism, and I am already doing that.  He shows you why you need to eat significantly to increase your muscle mass and shows you exactly how to get it done is a step by step fashion from grocery shopping to cleaning out your kitchen.  He tells you how to condition your body to accept your new diet, how to gradually replace your current eating habits with the positive habits that are going to positively affect your health, times your muscles are going to be asking for nutrition, and how to get them the nutrition they need.

At the start, if you need a simpler solution to follow, he provides 84 days of sample meal plans for each diet level.  These sample plans are broken down by desired goal and activity level from a 2,000 calorie diet to a whopping 6,000 calorie diet.  By following these sample plans, you get a ahead start in toward reaching your desired weight while adding muscle mass.

Why Recommend this Program?
No-Nonsense Muscle Building program is more than just a book, but a complete training package that offers great value.  Its user-friendly content that is continuously updated in the member's area and improved upon the most frequently, making this a fully comprehensive muscle building package that is highly relevant to its users as well.

You can quickly tell that Vince’s past history as “the skinny guy” has left him with a great passion for helping you reach your muscle building goals and obtaining your desire weight.  Throughout the program, Vince removes your excuses, retrains you to eliminate the bad habit that leads to the skinny and weak body, and systematically replaces them with the positive thinking and positive habits that build and maintain some of the world’s most awesome physiques.

Vince provides you with the detailed plans you need to make a dramatic transformation from goal setting to dieting to weight training.  He presents you with a daily step-by-step plan to achieving your muscle-building goals and has planned out every meal and every workout for you for you to follow along.  Are you prepared to achieve muscle mass and reach your desired weight?  Then click over to Vince DelMonte's No-Nonsense Muscle Building program or Your Six Pack Quest companion product for a more in-depth look.



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